Palm to Palm is a participatory project open to the public; there are no requirements or restrictions to participate in the project and anyone is welcome to be involved.

The Palm to Palm project is comprised of 98 unique and individually-crafted ceramic objects referred to as Palms. Pit-fired at the Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, MI, the Palms were made with the intention of being given away (see Gallery to view a small selection of some of the Palms).

You can participate in Palm to Palm by emailing and signing up (see How To Order). Palm to Palm then randomly pairs you with someone else who has signed up; you may be close friends, family members, coworkers, or (most likely) complete strangers. You will both receive your own Palm in the mail. These Palms are the property of their recipients, and can be used as their new owners see fit.

Within each Palm is a small sheet of paper that contains the name and contact information of your pair. You will not be otherwise notified of who your pair is - the only way to know is to break open the Palm and discover their name and contact information. Participants of the project are neither expected nor required to break open the Palm, and can choose to keep them instead of using them to contact their pair.

A blog has been set up to document the experiences of those who participate in the project; whether you have contacted your pair, wish to share a conversation you had with them online, or chosen to use the Palm as a paperweight, the blog is available for your use. Simply email with your experience of the project, any related images / videos / text / etc., and the material will be posted for you.

Please also email with any questions or comments you may have.

My primary interest in the project is in the tension that it can create between the paired individuals. Although perhaps the project on some level does act as a means of connecting two people (however briefly, in a way reminiscent to penpals), I am curious about the role that inaction may play in the relationship between the paired individuals. It becomes something reminiscent to a competition, a type of aggressive flirtation; who will be the first to reach out, if at all?