For Me / For You is a collaborative project in which I develop performance works based off of submissions from the public. Embodying ideas of exchange and sharing, I take in submissions from the public (these submissions can come in any media, such as poetry, prose, sound, image, video, etc) and interpret elements of said submissions to create performance-based works in response. These submissions act as a constant point of inspiration for the individual works, as I utilize direct imagery from each submission to develop its subsequent performance. The level of involvement between myself and the submitter is determined by their comfort; I have developed works that have had no further involvement from the submitter past their entry, as well as works that have actively involved the submitter as a creative partner in developing, finishing, and occasionally even performing the piece. The For Me / For You project has thus far yielded over 30 collaborations between myself and others. The works have ranged greatly in duration, materials, number of performers, etc, but always remain true to the spirit of their respective submission and the reciprocal expression of exchange between myself and someone else. When presented live, the pieces are orchestrated as “suites” - these suites are curated collections of pieces developed out of the project, performed simultaneously or in succession of one another (with the help of other performers, who are trained to perform the works). Suites of the For Me / For You project have been performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, Links Hall, Zhou B Arts Center, and more. Submissions to the For Me / For You project are always open; please check the Calls + Submissions page to the left for more information..